QR Code Generator

Mount your QR code in matter of seconds.

The site is actively being developed. If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please send an email to balazs@szalay.me

What is this?

A simple QR code generator. You type in the text, and you get a QR code.

No ads, no tracking, no cookies, no sign up, no nothing. Just a QR code.

You may ask, why? 🤔

Why would I create a QR code generator, when there are bunch of other solutions.

I was searching for a QR code generator that I can just open, type in the text, and download the QR code. I didn't want to sign up, I didn't want to see ads, I didn't want to see a bunch of other stuff. I just wanted to generate a QR code.

And while I am sure there are existing solutions out there somewhere, however I couldn't find it, after a 30 minute search.

What will the future bring?

Depends. If you like it, I will add more features. If you don't like it, I will just leave it as it is.

Some of the features I am thinking about right now:

  • Wifi encoding selection
  • VCard QR code
  • Phone support
  • Social media links
  • Custom code styles
  • Logo upload for QR codes
  • Usage statistics (how many times a QR code was opened)
  • Event QR code
  • File upload

Privacy Policy

This site does not store any data. It does not use cookies, it does not track you, it does not store any data on the server.

The site uses Google Fonts, and Google Analytics. Google Fonts are loaded from Google's servers, and Google Analytics is used to track the usage of the site.

If you have any questions, please send an email to balazs@szalay.me